3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Cleaning Process

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3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Cleaning Process

Things that you can do right now to make your cleaning process more effective!

If you are already using the Ultra Clean System then you already know the importance of cleaning your hydraulic lines. But did you know that you can maximize your efforts without spending a penny more? Just take a look at these three simple suggestions: Continue reading

Not Getting the Clean Results You Want?

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“How hose manufacturers could be thwarting your efforts”

A few months ago we received a complaint from a customer that the ¾” & 1” suction/return lines that they were assembling were not getting as clean as their other hoses. “We have been using your product and it usually works great!” they told us, “But these are the only sizes that don’t pass our gravimetric cleanliness tests.” After trouble shooting a little bit over the phone we then asked him if he knew where the hoses were manufactured. He named the site and we instantly realized what the issue was.

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Why You Should Clean “New” Hydraulic Hoses

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dog cleanes dirty dishesA Common Kitchen Tip Applies to Hydraulics

When I was still very young my mother used to take me shopping with her. Whenever she bought dishes, she would bring them home and wash them before putting them away. That seemed kind of silly to me at the time because, after all, they were brand new! But when I asked her why she did that she said, “You never know where those dishes have been!”

As usual, she was right. From manufacturing to shipping to display on the store shelves, those dishes had plenty of opportunities to collect dust and germs. The same principle, funnily enough, applies to the Fluid Power Industry. Continue reading

Ultra Clean Technologies Begins Shipping Second Generation Clean Seal Systems

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Ultra Clean Technologies, the global leader in contamination control, is pleased to announce that they have begun shipping the second generation of their popular heat shrink machine: the Clean Seal System.


The Clean Seal System is the only product of its kind on the market and is designed to heat-shrink the companies’ compatible Clean Seal Capsules onto hoses, tubing, and pipes assemblies to prevent re-contamination after cleaning them with the Ultra Clean System. The product line has taken the market by storm and developed new ways for companies to promote brand awareness and product value. Never one to rest on his company’s laurels, Bruce Riley, Ultra Clean Technologies’ founder and CEO, stated, “We’re pleased to begin shipping the 2nd generation of our industry-defining Clean Seal System which will deliver more durability, design efficiency, and greater safety features to our customers.”


This new version beefs up several key components, including a thicker aluminum base-plate, to increase its durability in robust production environments by an estimated 25%, and a redesigned interior schematic to enhance the machine’s design efficiency. Maintenance access has also been made easier. But the key component of the 2nd generation machine is the ability to remotely convert any base model UC-CSS-230v-G2 into an upgraded UC-CSS-230v-G2-HG model with heat guard. This modular approach to design means that the machine can be adapted to increasing or changing demands at the end-users’ location. The upgrade can be made with ease by any owner of a base model UC-CSS-230v-G2 by simply ordering a heat guard upgrade kit from Ultra Clean Technologies.

Ultra Clean Technologies Clean Seal System Base Model Generation Two UC-CSS-230v-G2

The second generation base model Clean Seal System (UC-CSS-230v-G2) now has a modular construction and is designed for greater ease of maintenance.

Since safety concerns are a major priority at most production facilities, Ultra Clean Technologies also upgraded the design of the UC-CSS-230v-HG-G2 to make a heat guard that fully encapsulated the hot end of the machine. What’s more, the hot air exhaust pipe was made slightly longer in length to accommodate silicone ducting that can be attached by the operator in order to divert hot air out of the area of operation.

Ultra Clean Technologies Generation Two Clean Seal System with Heat Guard

The Clean Seal System with heat guard (UC-CSS-230v-G2-HG) has been redesigned to reduce operator fatigue and heat exposure.

With its superb characteristics, both Clean Seal System models are considered to be the most optimized and efficient method for sealing hydraulic lines and is expected to meet growing industry demand for a high-performance, low-hassle capping system.

Ultra Clean Technologies Takes Strategic Steps to Grow International Sales

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Bridgeton, New Jersey, February 10, 2014 – The year 2014 will be a significant year for Ultra Clean Technologies Corp. as the company sets its aim toward expanding their international sales and services.

Effective January 1, 2014, Eric van Alphen, previously the Director of European Sales, was promoted to Director of International Sales. He will answer to the CEO of Ultra Clean Technologies, Bruce Riley. In this new position, van Alphen will be responsible for implementing an international sales initiative to target key markets and growing global economies. Assisting him in encouraging growth in the South American region and other Spanish-speaking countries, Ultra Clean recently hired Joemy Nunez, a native of Puerto Rico, whose previous experience included saleswoman and branch manager for Susquehanna Bank. Joemy’s unique background as a sales liason to the large and diverse local Hispanic clientele gives her a valuable edge in working with the various South American distributors.

“These recent changes are an important step in expanding our opportunities in international markets,” commented Bruce Riley, CEO. “It has always been important to us to have service representatives speak our customers’ language. Eric is able to speak German, Dutch, English and French, and now Joemy will add the much-needed Spanish component.”

South America is a key component to van Alphen’s International Growth Plan and will become a large focus of sales efforts as Ultra Clean looks to capture business in the region’s up-and-coming industrial economy. Van Alphen is already eyeing new tradeshow and networking opportunities, such as ConExpo Latin America scheduled for 2015, and plans to make valuable connections at this year’s ConExpo/IFPE show held in Las Vegas, NV.

“We need to strike while the iron is hot,” van Alphen states. “There is so much global opportunity and Ultra Clean Technologies is poised to capitalize on the expanding markets.”

About Ultra Clean Technologies:
Ultra Clean Technologies Corporation is a privately owned and operated manufacturing company. Founded more than 15 years ago, the company has produced innovative solutions for cleaning and sealing hoses, tubes, and pipes in the Fluid Power market and other industries. As the market leader for contamination control solutions, Ultra Clean Technologies has rapidly expanded their global distribution points in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, and Brazil. Ultra Clean Technologies was recently awarded the Industrial Sector Award for “Inspiration, Innovation, Involvement, and Integrity” by the BACC.  For more information, please contact Ultra Clean Technologies Corp.’s Marketing Communications at 800-791-9111, email at [email protected], or website at www.ultracleantech.com