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Clean Seal System Procedures

Our advanced capping method uses heat to shrink capsules onto cleaned hose and tube assemblies

Sizing the correct Clean Seal Capsule for your application is easy. Measure the end fitting from point to point on a hex style nut or the largest outside diameter of the end fitting. Sizing charts can be found in both nominal inch and millimeter in our Product Manual and Clean Seal System brochure. They are also available on our website www.ultracleantech.com. The correct Clean Seal Capsule part number will be displayed in both Bulk and Pre-Packaged quantities.

Clean Seal Capsule Application is both fast and easy. Turn the switch to the ON position and the Green light will illuminate.

Turn the 60-minute timer to the appropriate minute interval. The heat will come on and a white light will illuminate. The machine will need a few minutes to reach the correct temperature from a cold start.