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Desiccant contamination control breathers designed to replace breather caps or air filters on gear boxes, fluid reservoirs, bulk storage tanks, oil drums, & oil-filled transformers
Contamination Control Desiccant Breather Group M-Series aluminum Contamination Control Breather D-Series Contamination Control Breathers for stationary applications X-Series Contamination Control Breather for high-humidity/dust environment applications XR-Series Contamination Control Breathers for extreme environment applications Z-Series Breathers for limited-space applications

R-Series Breathers

Most mobile equipment, including maintenance of way equipment, farm implements, and off-road vehicles, are equipped with hydraulic fluid tanks or reservoirs which breathe outside air.

R-Series breathers are suitable for high vibration applications including off-road vehicles, construction vehicles, haul trucks, and farm vehicles typically equipped with hydraulic fluid reservoirs. R-Series breathers are easily mounted in place of standard breather caps via rugged steel pipe threads, included with all models except the UC-R111. The metal reinforced base is reusable.

When the silica gel cartridge turns color from gold to dark green, simply install a new replacement cartridge to the reusable metal base!