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Desiccant contamination control breathers designed to replace breather caps or air filters on gear boxes, fluid reservoirs, bulk storage tanks, oil drums, & oil-filled transformers
Contamination Control Desiccant Breather Group M-Series aluminum Contamination Control Breather D-Series Contamination Control Breathers for stationary applications X-Series Contamination Control Breather for high-humidity/dust environment applications XR-Series Contamination Control Breathers for extreme environment applications Z-Series Breathers for limited-space applications

XR-Series Breathers

The XR-Series breathers are designed for extreme environment applications where protection from dust, moisture and vibration are critical.

This series contamination control breather includes a metal reinforced base available with male NPT threads to adapt to your equipment. The base is designed to handle rigorous high vibration applications. The top cap implements two check valves to prevent outside moisture and solid contaminants from entering the breather until there is a need for airflow.

The XR-Series rebuildable design allows for economical replacement of the desiccant cartridge.