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Tube Nozzles (Metric)

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Metric tube nozzles have a stop on the inside that forms an airtight seal when the tube is fully inserted into the nozzle. Metric tube nozzles are designed to match metric tubing, and are similarly based on outside diameter (OD) x wall thickness. Metric tube nozzle designations utilize the largest wall thickness for the given OD, but fit all smaller wall thicknesses as well. Metric tube nozzles are grey in color.

Tubing nozzles for nominal inch sizes are also available


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Model Description Min Qty Qty
UC-6X1.5 TUBE NOZZLE 6mmOD X 1.5mm Wall 1
UC-8X1.5 TUBE NOZZLE 8mmOD x 1.5mm Wall 1
UC-10X1.5 TUBE NOZZLE 10mmOD x 1.5mm Wall 1
UC-12X2.0 TUBE NOZZLE 12mmOD x 2.0mm Wall 1
UC-14X2.0 TUBE NOZZLE 14mmOD x 2.0mm Wall 1
UC-15X2.0 TUBE NOZZLE 15mmOD x 2.0mm Wall 1
UC-16X2.5 TUBE NOZZLE 16mmOD x 2.5mm Wall 1
UC-18X2.5 TUBE NOZZLE 18mmOD x 2.5mm Wall 1
UC-20X3.0 TUBE NOZZLE 20mmOD x 3.0mm Wall 1
UC-22X2.0 TUBE NOZZLE 22mmOD x 2.0mm Wall 1
UC-25X3.0 TUBE NOZZLE 25mmOD x 3.0mm Wall 1
UC-28X2.5 TUBE NOZZLE 28mmOD x 2.5mm Wall 1
UC-30X4.0 TUBE NOZZLE 30mmOD x 4.0mm Wall 1
UC-35X3.0 TUBE NOZZLE 35mmOD x 3.0mm Wall 1
UC-38X5.0 TUBE NOZZLE 38mmOD x 5.0mm Wall 1
UC-42X3.0 TUBE NOZZLE 42mmOD x 3.0mm Wall 1
UC-50X6.0 TUBE NOZZLE 50mmOD x 6.0mm Wall 1

Grey colored machined nozzles for cleaning metric tubing

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  • Grey colored machined nozzles for cleaning metric tubing
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