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Top Reasons Why Customers Choose Ultra Clean Tech

Industry-Driven Research and Development.
Ultra Clean Tech build contamination control solutions that are specific to the needs of the industries we serve. Demand-driven R & D enables us to create innovative new solutions. Products inspired by industry-specific inefficiencies include our patented and fully automated foot-switch controlled Projectile Verification System (PVS) and semi-automated Auto Loader with a programmable logic controller (PLC), both of which reduce the amount of manpower our customers need to clean hose and tube assemblies.
Universal Application
Although traditionally applied in Fluid Power, Pharmaceuticals and Mining, Ultra Clean Tech's contamination control technologies benefit any industry requiring hoses and tubes where equipment downtime affects profitability. Our projectiles for cleaning hydraulic hoses are usable in such a wide variety of applications that industry-specific customization is unnecessary.
Leading the Way in Projectile Manufacturing
Unrivaled in terms of product depth and breadth, our projectiles are available in four different sizes and textures for various levels of hose and tube cleaning. All projectiles feature universal, non-redundant, high density virgin material with improved cell structures that achieve the strictest ISO standards of cleanliness. While competitors require multiple foam densities and dual inventory, Ultra Clean Tech's foam technology eliminates the need for dual projectile inventory.
World's Best Clean Seal Flange
Ultra Clean Tech is the only company in the world that sells the new and improved Clean Seal Flange. The Clean Seal Flange accepts all three flange styles (code 61, code 62 or Caterpillar) and comes with a locking "O" ring. The complete Clean Seal Flange package comes with a colorful point-of-purchase counter display kit and an aluminum carrying case to take to the job site.
The Most Comprehensive Range of Projectile Launchers
Ultra Clean Tech offers Handheld Launchers ranging from 1.25 to 4.5 inches as well as automated bench mount launchers and projectile verification systems which clean up to thousands of hoses and tubes a day.
Proprietary and Patented Technology
Ultra Clean Tech's "Clean Seal Capsule" uses a proprietary Heat Shrink technology which unlike injection molded caps and plugs will not cause internal contamination on installation or removal. The projectile verification system we use to control projectile sequences and catch contamination is patented technology.
Economies of Scale for OEM Customers
OEM customers who buy projectiles in bulk quantities realize major savings in the way of volume discounts.
Global Distribution Points with Readily Available Inventory
Our distribution network - including international distribution points in Canada, South America, Europe, China, Brazil and the Netherlands - minimizes lead time and shipping costs and ensures service excellence.
Fully Stocked Warehouse with Same Day Shipping
Our entire product line is always in stock and ready to ship the same day to any U.S state or territory.
Highly Knowledgeable and Responsive Customer Service Team
Ultra Clean Tech's Customer Service team gives you immediate and direct access to expert solution providers, each of whom has at least 17 years of experience in the Hose and Tube Cleaning industry.
Highly Experienced and Certified Inside Sales Team
Every Inside Salesperson has earned the Milwaukee School of Engineering's Certificate of Contamination Control. We share our expertise in product applications and performance over the phone or in the field.
The Industry's Largest Team of Independent Sales Reps
Ultra Clean Tech retains 17 factory-trained independent sales reps in the U.S. who travel countrywide to service clients and perform live equipment demonstrations.
Contamination Control Training and Education
With its comprehensive knowledge and expertise, Ultra Clean Tech offers customers training and education on what contamination is, where it comes from, and how it damages fluid power systems.
Ultra Clean Tech Accreditation Program
We certify end users, OEMs or distributors who complete Ultra Clean Tech's webinar on Contamination Control and Clean Hydraulic Hose Assembly Procedures. Participants can also request a co-branded seven-and-a-half minute impact movie on contamination control and a 10% discount on first time orders.
Strictest Standards for Contamination Control
Ultra Clean Tech products meet or exceed ISO standards for hydraulic oil cleanliness. Our technologies are independently tested to determine the level of cleanliness to which hoses or tubes are actually cleaned.
American Made
Ultra Clean Tech hose and tube cleaners as well as breathers are manufactured and assembled right here in the United States of America.
Extreme Durability
Although Ultra Clean Tech offers a one year Manufacturer's Warranty on all our products, not one customer has returned an Ultra Clean Tech product for in-warranty repairs.
Free Technical Support
Ultra Clean Tech provides a host of free technical support including on-site training, troubleshooting and "tricks-of-the-trade" we have learned through extensive experience and industry know-how.
Low Rate of Attrition
The average tenure at Ultra Clean Tech is over six years, signifying a stable and congenial work environment that fosters the loyalty needed to build long term business relationships.