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Desiccant contamination control breathers designed to replace breather caps or air filters on gear boxes, fluid reservoirs, bulk storage tanks, oil drums, & oil-filled transformers
Contamination Control Desiccant Breather Group M-Series aluminum Contamination Control Breather D-Series Contamination Control Breathers for stationary applications X-Series Contamination Control Breather for high-humidity/dust environment applications XR-Series Contamination Control Breathers for extreme environment applications Z-Series Breathers for limited-space applications

D-Series Breathers

D-Series Breathers are designed to satisfy the requirements of most stationary applications involving hydraulic reservoirs, lubricant and fuel storage tanks, transformers, pumps and gearboxes.

D-Series models provide application flexibility by using 100% silica gel for moisture adsorption or 100% activated carbon for fume or odor control, or a mixture of both when necessary. All D-Series models feature 2-micron solid particle filtration and are available with airflow ratings of 35 cfm to 250 cfm.

The D-Series is constructed of industrial grade raw materials and feature high impact resistant AB top and bottom caps. The clear acrylic window makes it easy to inspect the condition of the color changing silica gel from a distance. The silica gel turns color from gold to green to visually indicate the adsorption of moisture and confirm the breather is doing its job!