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Desiccant contamination control breathers designed to replace breather caps or air filters on gear boxes, fluid reservoirs, bulk storage tanks, oil drums, & oil-filled transformers
Contamination Control Desiccant Breather Group M-Series aluminum Contamination Control Breather D-Series Contamination Control Breathers for stationary applications X-Series Contamination Control Breather for high-humidity/dust environment applications XR-Series Contamination Control Breathers for extreme environment applications Z-Series Breathers for limited-space applications

M-Series Breathers

The M-Series breathers are designed from rugged, heavy duty materials that are capable of handling the requirements of the most severe environments. Pipe threads on the bottom standpipe make the units easy to install. The design also includes a proprietary splash guard that is included on all models and prevents foaming or splashing fluids from entering the breather during normal operating conditions.

All M-Series breathers have a 2 micron pleated filter and silica gel bags that are economical and easy to replace.