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Introduction to the Clean Seal System

Our advanced capping method uses heat to shrink capsules onto cleaned hose and tube assemblies

Ultra Clean Technologies developed the Clean Seal System as an advanced capping method to raise the bar on cleanliness. This innovative technology uses heat to shrink capsules onto cleaned hose and tube assemblies. The system proves to be superior against the many downfalls of the traditional injection molded cap and plug due to the ease of use, reduction of inventory, and many other features.

The Clean Seal Capsule comes pre-stacked in stick form so the inside is always clean and contamination free. Injection molded caps and plugs are loose in a box and will become contaminated when exposed to airborne contamination in a hose or tube fabrication area.

The Clean Seal Capsule will not fall off during handling or transportation because it conforms cleanly to the assembly during the shrinking process. With just 16 sizes, Clean Seal Capsules can fit most hose and tube assemblies from ¼" through 2". These lightweight capsules are packed efficiently in boxes to provide the user with a large but compact inventory, while reducing shipping costs.