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Cleaning After the Crimping Process

Our advanced capping method uses heat to shrink capsules onto cleaned hose and tube assemblies

Cleaning After the Cutting Process

Open the faceplate of the UC-HL2 hand held launcher.

Insert the appropriate Ultra Clean Hose Nozzle into the faceplate, load a UC style projectile into the Hose Nozzle and lock the faceplate into the closed position.

Never insert a UC Projectile directly into the I.D. of the hose by hand. This ill-advised insertion method will not allow the projectile to enter the hose tube cleanly and may transfer additional contaminants into the hose I.D. The UC style Projectile may get caught on the wire reinforcement and you also run the risk of cutting your fingers.

Insert the nozzle into the hose tube, which will make an airtight seal. Depress the trigger and the projectile will enter and exit the hose cleanly. Remove the nozzle from the hose I.D. and wipe any loose contaminants from the nozzles O.D.

Turn the hose 180 degrees and repeat the cleaning process. The hose tube is now clean and free of unwanted contamination.