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When you choose Ultra Clean Technologies to control your fluid power contamination, you can be sure that your company is choosing the world’s most technologically advanced and comprehensive contamination control solutions, and dealing with some of the most highly knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives in the industry.
Our Products
Our flagship product, the Ultra Clean System, offers advanced cleaning over traditional flushing and other methods for ridding contaminants from hose, tube and pipe assemblies. The Ultra Clean System utilizes either a Hand-Held Launcher or Bench Mount Launcher to shoot Ultra Clean projectiles through hose, tube or pipe assemblies, ensuring contaminants are thoroughly dispelled. Building on our core product, we offer Clean Seal System, which uses a proprietary heat shrink technology with our Clean Seal Capsules to securely seal the ends of cleaned hose and tube assemblies, providing a superior alternative to traditional caps and plugs. To help eliminate contamination and oil spills when removing SAE flanged hose and tube assemblies, we developed the Clean Seal Flange. The Clean Seal Flange provides a quick seal over the SAE flange when components are being removed or switched out, keeping the oil in the hose or tube, and harmful contaminants out. This manual provides detailed information on these systems and associated products and parts.

Demand-driven R&D has inspired us to create these and more innovative new products, providing targeted solutions to industry-specific challenges. Our engineering team has a well-rounded and extensive understanding of hydraulics that enables us to work closely with the industries we serve, while also considering wider-use applications of our products for all industries that require contamination-free hoses and tubes in order to prevent costly equipment downtime or failure. Our products meet - and almost always exceed - ISO standards for hydraulic oil cleanliness, and are independently tested to determine the level of cleanliness to which hoses or tubes are actually cleaned.

Ultra Clean Technologies’ hose and tube systems as well as breathers are manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. All Ultra Clean Technologies products have a one-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. The durability of our products eliminates the need to return an Ultra Clean Technologies product for in-warranty repairs.
Training & Education
In addition to our products, Ultra Clean Technologies provides comprehensive training and education both on Contamination (what it is, where it comes from, and how it damages fluid power systems), and Contamination Control using Ultra Clean Technologies products. We provide on-site training on the use of all our systems, and will "train the trainer," or an entire team, depending on the customer’s desire. Further, we certify end users, OEMs or distributors who complete the Ultra Clean Technologies webinar on Contamination Control and Clean Hydraulic Hose Assembly Procedures. Participants can also request a co-branded impact movie on contamination control.
Service Excellence
Highly experienced in the Hose and Tube Cleaning industry, Ultra Clean Technologies’ Customer Service team give you immediate and direct access to expert solution providers. Every salesperson has earned the Milwaukee School of Engineering's Certificate of Contamination Control. We share our expertise in product applications and performance over the phone and in the field.
Shipping & Warehousing
To enhance our reputation for service excellence, Ultra Clean Technologies has an established global distribution network - including international distribution points in Canada, South America, Europe, China and Brazil. For our customers, this means shorter lead times and minimized shipping costs. We keep a fully stocked warehouse with same day shipping for our North American and South American customers. European customers can count on our warehouse in The Netherlands for quick order fulfillment.