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Our advanced capping method uses heat to shrink capsules onto cleaned hose and tube assemblies

Whether it's an excavator, backhoe, tractor, or any other piece of heavy machinery, it contains hundreds of feet of hydraulic hose. In addition to carrying hydraulic fluid, these hoses are also storing and carrying contaminants.

This is a piston pump. It is no longer pumping hydraulic fluid. It failed because of too much contamination. This excavator now sits idle and unproductive since an excessive level of contaminants entered the system and went un- addressed.

Even before a breakdown, contaminants in fluid can reduce system efficiency. This is as true for fuel and engine oil as it is for hydraulic oil. A less efficient system is a less productive system.

These productivity losses can go undetected because efficiency loss is gradual. In hydraulic systems, for example, efficiency can drop as much as 20 percent before the operator detects a change in operation. That's losing a day of productivity each week.

There was a time when hydraulic pressures were much lower than they are today. Clearances between internal metal to metal surfaces were not as tight. And we were more concerned about contaminants we could see.

We now need to be concerned about dirt and other contaminants that we cannot see, including. particles as small as 2 to 5 microns. That small a measurement is hard to comprehend.