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Tube Projectiles Bulk

Quick Overview

For use with all types of tubing or pipes - and strongly recommended for stainless steel - with mild to medium amounts of contamination, surface rust or scale build-up.

Ideal for removing mandrel lubricants, grease and oil after the bending process.

The Tube style foam is denser than the standard Ultra Clean style foam and resists friction much better. Because of this, Tube Foam works much better on Stainless Steel applications.

Also available in Bag Quantities.


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Model Description BOX QTY. Min Qty Qty
UC06B-TUBE TUBE 6MM 10000 1
UC07B-TUBE TUBE 7MM 10000 1
UC10B-TUBE TUBE 10MM 10000 1
UC12B-TUBE TUBE 12MM 10000 1
UC14B-TUBE TUBE 14MM 10000 1
UC16B-TUBE TUBE 16MM 10000 1
UC18B-TUBE TUBE 18MM 10000 1
UC20B-TUBE TUBE 20MM 9000 1
UC22B-TUBE TUBE 22MM 7000 1
UC24B-TUBE TUBE 24MM 5500 1
UC26B-TUBE TUBE 26MM 4000 1
UC28B-TUBE TUBE 28MM 3800 1
UC30B-TUBE TUBE 30MM 3500 1
UC33B-TUBE TUBE 33MM 2000 1
UC36B-TUBE TUBE 36MM 1900 1
UC40B-TUBE TUBE 40MM 1500 1
UC45B-TUBE TUBE 45MM 1200 1
UC50B-TUBE TUBE 50MM 650 1
UC55B-TUBE TUBE 55MM 600 1
UC60B-TUBE TUBE 60MM 450 1

Dense, heavy projectiles in bulk for tubing applications

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  • Dense, heavy projectiles in bulk for tubing applications
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