Ultra Clean Technologies Exceeds Average Satisfaction Rating in Recent Industry Survey
In a recent Member Survey for Endorsed Suppliers distributed today by the Industrial Distributor Co-Op (IDCO), Ultra Clean Technologies posted an admirable 4.11 satisfaction average out of a perfect score of 5. “Ultra Clean Technologies enjoys a great reputation among the IDCO membership,” commented Ginger Williams, IDCO President. “I’ve never heard a bad thing about them. They are an excellent supplier who always support the membership, attends the tradeshows, and is a quality partner. I am not at all surprised by their excellent rating.” The report surveyed IDCO Distributor Members on supplier performance in the following categories: -  Pricing - Rebates -  Product Quality -  Discounted Payment Terms -  Freight Policy -  Ease of Doing Business -  Customer Service -  Rep Visits The survey used a sliding scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. The overall average for all Endorsed Suppliers was 3.78. The report was based on supplier’s performance for the year 2013. “We are very pleased by the IDCO survey results,” said Derek Davis, Ultra Clean Technologies’ Marketing Manager. “We strive to provide quality service and products to our distributors and are grateful to have confirmation that we’re doing something right. We thank the IDCO organization for providing us with this type of feedback and look forward to continually developing our partnership with them.”  About IDCO: The IDCO organization is an Industrial Distributor Co-op comprised of Distributor Members who are non-public entities. They provide services such as lowered costs, access to a wide range of product lines, networking, and training opportunities for companies engaged in the distribution of hose and coupling products.  More information can be found at www.idco.coop About Ultra Clean Technologies: Ultra Clean Technologies Corporation is a privately owned and operated manufacturing company. Founded more than 15 years ago, the company has produced innovative solutions for cleaning and sealing hoses, tubes, and pipes in the Fluid Power market and other industries. As the market leader for contamination control solutions, Ultra Clean Technologies has rapidly expanded their global distribution points in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, and Brazil. Ultra Clean Technologies was recently awarded the Industrial Sector Award for “Inspiration, Innovation, Involvement, and Integrity” by the BACC.  For more information, please contact Ultra Clean Technologies Corp.’s Marketing Communications at 800-791-9111, email at ddavis@ultracleantech.com, or website at www.ultracleantech.com  
Help! A Projectile is Stuck! Solve the problem in 1 easy step!
Help! A Projectile is Stuck! Solve the problem in 1 easy step! Sometimes a projectile gets stuck. Why?  There are many possible reasons: Was the wrong sized projectile selected? Did the inside diameter (ID) of the line change? Are the fittings smaller than the actual ID? But there’s no need to worry! What goes in can come out. If a projectile gets stuck in a line due to restriction, simply turn the assembly around and blow air (no projectile!) through the other end. This will force the projectile back out the same way it entered. Never, ever leave a projectile in a line. Always be certain that the projectile has exited the assembly and air blows freely through the line. If operator error is a concern, you can reduce this type of issue and have peace of mind by integrating the Projectile Verification System which verifies that each projectile has exited the assembly.
Why Did You Pay so Much for that Pump Repair?
Many of today's sophisticated construction and oilfield hydraulic systems utilize servo controlled Piston style hydraulic pumps.  These servo's are mounted on the pump and use an electric signal to port servo or pilot pressure to stroke the pump to a desired position in order to obtain optimum flow and pressure.  These valves are extremely dirt sensitive and when contaminated will cause a perfectly normal pump to perform as if it is no longer capable of producing optimum flow or pressure.  As the problem may appear to be a general pump failure and not a specific servo problem the complete pump will often be sent in for repair. When the repair facility evaluates the pump they are bound to rebuild it to function at factory new specs up to their stated warranty period which may be 12 months depending on the shop. Therefore the repair shop will replace or rebuild any components which may possibly fail during the warranty period; not just the offending servo. So a pump which failed due to a contaminated servo valve which may cost between $500.00 and $1,200.00 to replace new could cost upwards of $5,000.00 to rebuild. Obviously this is just the tip of the iceberg as downtime can be a much greater expense than the repair. Rubber and metal particles from a seemingly innocuous "NEW" hose assembly can foul a servo immediately and put a piece of equipment on the maintenance board for a week to 10 days unnecessarily.  New hose assemblies are contaminated and must be cleaned properly in order to protect expensive downstream components. ~Contributed by Mark Raumaker, Outside Sales Manager (South-Central USA), Ultra Clean Technologies Corp.     [caption id="attachment_235" align="alignleft" width="150"] Photo Credit: apexhydraulics.com.uk[/caption]
3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Cleaning Process
3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Cleaning Process Things that you can do right now to make your cleaning process more effective! If you are already using the Ultra Clean System then you already know the importance of cleaning your hydraulic lines. But did you know that you can maximize your efforts without spending a penny more? Just take a look at these three simple suggestions: Read More
Why You Should Clean “New” Hydraulic Hoses
A Common Kitchen Tip Applies to Hydraulics When I was still very young my mother used to take me shopping with her. Whenever she bought dishes, she would bring them home and wash them before putting them away. That seemed kind of silly to me at the time because, after all, they were brand new! But when I asked her why she did that she said, “You never know where those dishes have been!” As usual, she was right. From manufacturing to shipping to display on the store shelves, those dishes had plenty of opportunities to collect dust and germs. The same principle, funnily enough, applies to the Fluid Power Industry. Read More
Not Getting the Clean Results You Want?
“How hose manufacturers could be thwarting your efforts” A few months ago we received a complaint from a customer that the ¾” & 1” suction/return lines that they were assembling were not getting as clean as their other hoses. “We have been using your product and it usually works great!” they told us, “But these are the only sizes that don’t pass our gravimetric cleanliness tests.” After trouble shooting a little bit over the phone we then asked him if he knew where the hoses were manufactured. He named the site and we instantly realized what the issue was. Read More
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