Help! A Projectile is Stuck! Solve the problem in 1 easy step!

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Help! A Projectile is Stuck!

Solve the problem in 1 easy step!

Sometimes a projectile gets stuck. Why?  There are many possible reasons: Was the wrong sized projectile selected? Did the inside diameter (ID) of the line change? Are the fittings smaller than the actual ID?

But there’s no need to worry! What goes in can come out. If a projectile gets stuck in a line due to restriction, simply turn the assembly around and blow air (no projectile!) through the other end. This will force the projectile back out the same way it entered.

Never, ever leave a projectile in a line. Always be certain that the projectile has exited the assembly and air blows freely through the line. If operator error is a concern, you can reduce this type of issue and have peace of mind by integrating the Projectile Verification System which verifies that each projectile has exited the assembly.

Why Did You Pay so Much for that Pump Repair?

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Many of today’s sophisticated construction and oilfield hydraulic systems utilize servo controlled Piston style hydraulic pumps.  These servo’s are mounted on the pump and use an electric signal to port servo or pilot pressure to stroke the pump to a desired position in order to obtain optimum flow and pressure.  These valves are extremely dirt sensitive and when contaminated will cause a perfectly normal pump to perform as if it is no longer capable of producing optimum flow or pressure.  As the problem may appear to be a general pump failure and not a specific servo problem the complete pump will often be sent in for repair.

When the repair facility evaluates the pump they are bound to rebuild it to function at factory new specs up to their stated warranty period which may be 12 months depending on the shop. Therefore the repair shop will replace or rebuild any components which may possibly fail during the warranty period; not just the offending servo.

So a pump which failed due to a contaminated servo valve which may cost between $500.00 and $1,200.00 to replace new could cost upwards of $5,000.00 to rebuild. Obviously this is just the tip of the iceberg as downtime can be a much greater expense than the repair.

Rubber and metal particles from a seemingly innocuous “NEW” hose assembly can foul a servo immediately and put a piece of equipment on the maintenance board for a week to 10 days unnecessarily.  New hose assemblies are contaminated and must be cleaned properly in order to protect expensive downstream components.

~Contributed by Mark Raumaker, Outside Sales Manager (South-Central USA), Ultra Clean Technologies Corp.



Pump Repair

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How the Contamination Control Breathers Work

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The Ultra Clean Contamination Control Breathers are the perfect replacements for existing breather caps or air vents on fluid holding tanks, gearboxes, or reservoirs.

how a breather works: air intake

As this diagram (left) shows, when contaminated air enters the top of the breather, it passes through a self cleaning solid particle filter. The filter traps solid particles greater than 2 microns and keeps them from entering the breather and depositing on critical surfaces. The filtered air then passes through a bed of silica gel that adsorbs moisture in the air. During this step, up to 95% of the water vapor in the air is filtered out. Finally, the filtered air passes through an additional 2 micron filter in the bottom of the breather to ensure that no harmful particles will enter the tank or reservoir. This three-stage filtration design ensures that equipment gets clean, dry air!


The diagram on the right shows air being expelled from the reservoir through the desiccant breather. As the contaminated air travels this reverse path, expelled water vapors are adsorbed by the silica gel. how a breather works: Exhaust Air

During the exhaust air-flow process, the silica gel indicates the presence of excessive moisture inside the reservoir as the gold gel turns to a dark green from the bottom of the breather rather than from the top.

An unique feature of the Ultra Clean Contamination Control Breathers is the layer of carbon impregnated foam located on the bottom of most of our breather models. This carbon pad adsorbs small amounts of oil vapor exhaled from the tank and protects the silica gel from minor oil mist contamination.

As the exhausted air passes back through the self cleaning 2-micron filter located in the top cap of the breather, any particles that were trapped as air entered the system are no back flushed from the filter.


gold silica gel turns green when it has fully adsorbed moistureAs the color indicating silica gel adsorbs moisture it changes from gold to dark green. When the silica gel has adsorbed to full capacity (up to 40% of its original weight!), the gel will turn dark green. This color change is easily seen and serves as a visual indication that it is time to remove and replace the disposable breather.

Take a look at our Contamination Control Breathers here!

Small Things Can Have Big Consequences

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How a tablespoon of dirt can cost mines millions of dollars!

It isn’t easy working in the Mining Industry.

Mines are the backbone of the economy, providing raw materials to meet every day needs of consumers and businesses. But they also have to contend with a tough economy, environmental and regulatory requirements, workplace safety, and skyrocketing costs. In addition to this, reports indicate that mining companies are also facing labor shortages! Continue reading

Ultra Clean Technologies Wins Prestigious Award for Innovation

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Marcum Innovator of the Year badge 2016Ultra Clean Tech. CEO wins the 2016 Marcum Innovator Award in the Manufacturing (Small) Category.

Bruce Riley Ultra Clean Technologies

Founder & CEO, Bruce Riley

Bruce Riley, founder and CEO of Ultra Clean Technologies Corp., has been named winner of the 2016 Marcum Innovator of the Year Award in the Manufacturing (Small) category. The awards program recognizes the Greater Philadelphia metropolitan area’s most innovative individuals and organizations in their fields.

Nomination for the award came from Ultra Clean Technologies’ sales representative, Mike McCormick, who has been a long-time supporter of the company and personal friend of Bruce. “Bruce has always been a leader in his field and built a dynamic company through hard work and perseverance,” Mike explained. “McCormick & Associates, Inc. is proud to represent Ultra Clean’s innovative products in the market for the past fifteen years and feel that the company deserves this recognition.”

The Marcum Innovator of the Year awards program, hosted in partnership with Philadelphia SmartCEO, celebrates businesses in Greater Philadelphia that are pioneering new advancements in the fields of Biotech/Healthcare, Business Services, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and Technology. Ultra Clean Technologies was honored in the Manufacturing category for their revolutionary method of cleaning and sealing hoses, tubes, and pipes in the Fluid Power Industry.

“It’s really the people at Ultra Clean – sales, engineering, service teams, and others – who do a great job. Our success is really the people at the company for sure,” acknowledged Bruce in his acceptance speech. “We’re really pleased to have won this award – especially for being from a small town in South Jersey.”

The award recognition coincides with the company’s fifteenth year anniversary of incorporation in 2001.

Winners of the Marcum Innovator of the Year awards were determined by a panel of six judges from top-tier Philadelphia businesses in the digital, financial, legal, banking, and biotechnology fields.

marcum innovator awards 2016

The Ultra Clean sales & marketing teams are joined by friends and supporters as they accept the Marcum Innovator Award for Manufacturing.