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IDCO Trade Show

Ultra Clean Training Session

Thursday, February 21st @ 2:15 p.m.

Kai Tak Room

IDCO Tradeshow

We are excited to announce that Ultra Clean technologies will be offering a Training Session at the upcoming IDCO Tradeshow! Our Training Session covers the cost of contamination to your customers, the cause of contamination to hydraulic systems, as well as clean hydraulic hose assembly procedures.

We have built our Ultra Clean name around contamination control products that enhance equipment performance while simultaneously reducing failures and maintenance down-time. We strongly believe in being pro-active about eliminating contamination before it affects your bottom line but realize that there is also a need for products that can be used for reactive measures as well.

To help promote clean maintenance procedures we are giving away samples of two of our most popular products to attendees who either visit our booth or request a sample online.

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